What We Provide

The Ringling Beach House –

These are the items we supply in your unit

** These items are upon request

In the kitchen cabinets:
Silverware for 8
Dinner plates 8
Salad plates 8
Bowls 8
Coffee mugs 8
Juice glasses 8
Wine glasses 8
Water glasses 8
Pitcher 1
Colander 1
Platter 1
Large serving bowl 1
Cheese grater 1
Wine opener 1
Bottle opener 1
Can opener 1
4 bowls various sizes serving/storage
Cookie sheet 1
Pizza pan 1
12 cup coffee maker 1
Paring knives 2
Serrated knife 1
Steak knives 8
Measuring cups set
Measuring spoons set
Tongs 1
Vegetable peeler
Serving utensils
Spatulas 1
Pizza cutter 1
Whisk 1
Grill utensils
Grill lighter
Cutting board 1
Serving spoons one slotted
Toaster 1
Blender 1
Mixer 1
Full refrigerator/freezer
Ice trays or ice maker
4 bowls with lids
Tea kettle 1
4 cooking pots
Fry pan
Sauté pan
Broiler pan
Dish towels 2
Pot holders 2
Sponge 1
Paper towels 2
5 dish tabs
Spic and span
Glass cleaner
Hand soap 1 at each sink
Liquid dish detergent 1
Garbage bags 10
Salt and pepper
Ironing board
Hair dryer
Dust pan
Vacuum in units with carpet
8 rolls of toilet paper

  • We also have other items available upon request..
  • Dish drying racks, champagne glasses, etc
  • If you have a special request please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request